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This application was created to allow for the more advanced features of Asterisk to be used by anyone using even a single-line SIP phone. The Perl/Tk version of application is designed and tested for UNIX Xwindows and Win32 environments. The web-base version is designed to work with Mozilla-based browsers and Internet Explorer browsers.

This application is in use at dozens of Asterisk installations with up to 60 clients running on a single server. The client application does require that a few scripts be running on the Asterisk server as well as access to a MySQL server. If the Asterisk Central Queue System(ACQS) is used, you can see increase reliability and speed on high-volume systems.

- Grabs live call info from a DB updated every second
- Displays live status of users phones and Zap/IAX/SIP/Local channels
- Displays a user-modifiable favorites panel showing hook-state of other extensions
- Allows calls to be placed from GUI and directed to phone
- Allows intrasystem calls at the click of a button
- Allows call recording at the click of a button
- Allows conference calling of up to 6 channels through GUI
- Administrative Hangup of any live Zap/IAX/SIP/Local channel
- Administrative Hijack of any live Zap/IAX/SIP/Local channel
- Administrative switch user function
- Call Parking sends calls to park ext and then redirects to phone ext
- CallerID popup with buttons to open custom web pages
- Voicemail display and button to go right to check voicemail
- Allows Blind listening of calls on Zap channels
- Allows Blind transfers of calls to specific voicemail boxes
- Allows Blind transfers of calls to intrasystem extensions
- Allows Blind transfers of calls to external numbers
Additional Features available only in the web version:
- More than 6 channels in the conference room
- Send to Voicemail directly from the inbound call popup window
- All client phone connections are shown not just the first
- Allows transfers to conferences
- Call parking with callerID

Here are some more details on the web-only version:
With 1.1.1 release of astguiclient we have completely rewritten the astGUIclient
client app in PHP/Javascript/XMLHTTPRequest to enable a full, real-time GUI 
interface using only a web browser. The browser requirements for this are:
- Firefox 0.9 or greater (Firefox 1.0.7 is the recommended browser)
- Mozilla 1.7 or greater
- Netscape 8 or greater
- Opera 8.50 or greater
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater (we have noticed some serious
  memory leaks in IE5 and IE6 when using this program, they do not occur in
  Firefox which is why we recommend it overall.)

This new version also has more flexibility and functionality than the perl/Tk
version as well as being prettier. We have successfully tested this on many 
platforms and in remote locations. It functioned wonderfully off-site with one
of our IAX hardphones and offers a lot of promise for road warriors who need
a lot of options on their phone usage like conferencing and a detailed call log.

To log into this app you will need a login setup in the vicidial_users table 
with a user_level of 4 or greater as well as an entry for the phone you are 
using in the phones table. You will first get a login prompt for the vicidial
login then you will have the phone login where you enter the Login and Password
for that phone entry. From there the app should display and you will see the 
MAIN screen with your phone information, voicemail display and your inbound/
outbound phone call log.

The example web page you would go to on this installation would be:

The inbound log and callerID popup is dependant on having a call_inbound.agi 
entry in your dialplan before you phone is dialed(see subphase 6.2 step 2)

Another thing to note is that you can have the agc folder(with the .php files 
in it) copied to multiple web servers, you just need to make sure that the 
MySQL database connection works (check the settings in the dbconnect.php file
that is in the agc directory). We have had astguiclient.php running on 3 
separate web servers for the same DB server and Asterisk server. This is an 
easy way to allow for auto failover and/or redundancy. Also, this client will 
work over SSL connections(https) for encrypted communications with the server.

If anyone has suggestions/praises/criticisms about astguiclient we would love to hear them.

All astguiclient software elements are distributed freely through the GPL with no warranty.